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Countryside Indoor Swimming Pool

Recharge your energy and vitality in all seasons! Our modern country-style swimming pool invites you to refresh yourself on a hot day, and is also especially appreciated if it is not so nice and warm outside! Our indoor pool invites young and old. Delve into the warm atmosphere of water, wood, stone, and art.

The swimming pool measures 6x10 meters with a water temperature of 28° C. Due to a special water cleaning technique the use of chlorine is reduced to a minimum.

Look forward to the powerful jets and the beautiful waterfall and train your endurance while swimming against the jet stream. Then we invite you to relax on the heated loungers. And all for free!

The Jacuzzi whirlpool tubs are filled with fresh water for each guest, which is thus used only by you. You may purchase value-coins to start your personal jacuzzi-Session. Enjoy!

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Diabetes besiegen!
Typ 2 Diabetes kann durch Lebensstil-Medizin geheilt oder gestoppt werden. In unserem Kur-Seminar erleben Sie dies und lernen wie Sie zu Hause erfolgreich Ihre Gesundheit wiedererlangen können. Nächster Termin: 10.02. - 01.03.19

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