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Discover our delicious organic whole foods cuisine

For the success of a memorable holiday delicious and wholesome food is a must.

We would like to offer our guests the very best and thus carefully prepare wholesome vegetarian meals. Our chefs use fresh ingredients as far as possible from our own ecological farming. The other food products from organic farming are as short as possible because of the harvest to your table.

Breads baked by our Chef-Baker, crunchy granola, homemade fruit spreads - at the breakfast buffet will include you treated to their own, fine whole-wheat bread, rustic pastries, cereals, sugar-free fruit juices, fresh-fruity homemade spreads.

Surrounded by fine salads, mixed drinks and delicious desserts, our menu for lunch or dinner nutritious, versatile, and tasty. A real feast for the eye as well as the taste-buds!

Sharp-granny-Cup, Elderberry-Spritzer, Mec-Pom Tea: A varied range of hot and cold drinks, self-created or from alternative sources, various herbal teas or grain coffee, is offered at DIE ARCHE as an attractive and healthy alternative to coffee and black tea .

Our Chefs will consider - as far as possible - your personal dietary requirements, e.g. a gluten-or lactose-free, or a pure plant based diet. Please contact us in advance of your stay.

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Diabetes besiegen!
Typ 2 Diabetes kann durch Lebensstil-Medizin geheilt oder gestoppt werden. In unserem Kur-Seminar erleben Sie dies und lernen wie Sie zu Hause erfolgreich Ihre Gesundheit wiedererlangen können. Nächster Termin: 10.02. - 01.03.19

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