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Health and Wellness

... A unique blend of learning and experience, spoiled-being and active being. A holiday "to take home!"

In the last fifteen years we have been able to experience together with our enthusiastic guests the relaxing and healing potential of natural remedies and a healthy lifestyle in the lives of people. Using this holistic medical spa treatments can also increase your performance, get a grip on health problems and achieve a better quality of life really.

Medical Spa you can enjoy country-THE ARK manifold:

     In 2 - or 3-week supervised seminars and cures: You will find here the summary of the NEWSTART ® seminars, where you are cared for in a country house THE ARK under medical supervision and with medical professionals.
         NEWSTART ® treatment: natural prevention and support, particularly for cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, allergies, etc.
         NEWSRART ® treatment specifically for diabetes
         NEWSTART ® Lifestyle: want to enjoy for young families and young people their lives healthy and strong!
         NEWSTART ® "way out of depression":
         real hope for those affected.
     Each time a medical wellness package to enjoy, such as in the form
     Ark of our vital arrangements, such as base regeneration, the mom-you-week recovery heart, burnout - package or the fitness week. Make this the Ark just arrangements vital to your holiday week!
     Individual applications can book all year round from our medical wellness offers - such as a salt massage, a thorough blood test, a colon hydrotherapy or a medical consultation.
     See Medical spa treatments.

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Diabetes besiegen!
Typ 2 Diabetes kann durch Lebensstil-Medizin geheilt oder gestoppt werden. In unserem Kur-Seminar erleben Sie dies und lernen wie Sie zu Hause erfolgreich Ihre Gesundheit wiedererlangen können. Nächster Termin: 10.02. - 01.03.19

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