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NEWSTART-Cures: Treatments and chances

NEWSTART ® - revive rather than survive!

Do you sometimes longing for past, when "everything was in balance"?

Look at the issue of physical health, emotional balance and mental performance with concern for the future?
You have more opportunities to make your health benefits than you may think! Whether you want to prevent as conscious living person likes effectively, or whether you are looking for natural ways to cure or alleviate disease.

We show you a way: Take a NEWSTART ® treatment under medical supervision, the break you need it ....

NEWSTART ® is available as a program especially for the well-known causes of illness and suffering through a personal life style optimization to be changed. Underlining of a conscious, largely natural lifestyle. And supplemented by trusted natural remedies that speed up the healing process. For the realization of this vitalizing life rules in your life we take our time with you individually.

Get your health and vitality with the discovery of new sources of life with:

     natural remedies
     wholesome nutrition
     regular exercise
     Stress management, optimal mental performance and deep inner calm.
     a trusting attitude

Use your chance for a successful restart - with NEWSTART ®!

Treatments with the NEWSTART ® treatment

This spa vacation will delight you providing a 19-day lifestyle program for the natural recovery of your health and your well-being! A comprehensive spa vacation for people who want to effectively prevent or treat an existing disease course and actively want.

Learn about the impressive strength of a healthy lifestyle and natural remedies to apply themselves. A medical team of doctors, physiotherapists, massage therapists, health advisors and health and decrease treatment under medical supervision, you will strongly support during your stay. We will guide you step by step in person to give you a new start to a healthy life.

Already after a few days you will experience amazing changes - to miss this life and joy and vitality no longer want. Especially outstanding development diabetes can be cured - the blood sugar level drops in the health clinic we were able to observe in humans, which was already one of the following issues exist:

    High blood pressure
    Diabetes mellitus
    Heart trouble, allergies and wieBluthochdruck improve significantly in the spa hotel ... Angina pectoris
    Decline in healthy overweight
    elevated blood fat levels

But even those who simply suffers from stress and the constant overload of everyday life, finds the Cure ® NEWSTART country-THE ARK much needed time off, which makes a new start to a healthier life.

Health decline - with a lot of unique features of a spa NEWSTART ® treatment in country THE ARK is the personal time and attention you get from the doctor and the medical team. They meet regularly with each guest to discuss his health care issues and personal goals for the restoration of health in an interview. Take time to listen, offer experience, practical, comprehensive guidance, and - if desired - also pastoral care. This is the individual supplement for interesting, practical advice in the papers around food full term papers on the subject of holistic health.

The complex spectrum of therapies including inter alia Water solutions (eg by Kneipp), massages, physical therapy and myofascial trigger point therapy, physical therapy, etc. including indoor pool, herbal medicine, counseling, nutrition therapy, and much more.


Our Services:

    detailed medical consultations abnehme health in overweight
    Individual goals-determination, individual treatment plan
    comprehensive blood test
    Exercise ECG
    Visits, counseling, advice
    Informative lectures and practical courses
    Creating a personal risk profile and cause-oriented optimization of lifestyle

Extract from the treatment program:
the power of nature:

    Nutrition - Reviving and proper nutrition go together
    Fresh air
    Trust in God
    Hydrotherapy (Kneipp, part baths, showers, baths Med, hyperthermia)
    Phytotherapy (medicinal plants)
    Massages (e.g. Classic Massage, lymphatic drainage)
    Kneipp physiotherapy can not cure the lack of
    Myofascial trigger point therapy
    Muscle building, strength training
    Back exercises / training
    Water aerobics
    Pelvic floor exercises
    Nordic WalkingWie to lose weight? Motivation, exercise and sport is sure to ...
    Giger MD ® Therapy
    Personal counseling
    Sauna, steam bath
    Colon Hydrotherapy
    Ergometer training

Allergy? Asthma? Hypertension? Obesity / overweight? Our doctor has time for you

You have questions about the treatments with the NEWSTART ® treatment? Call us or write us, Hanke Gunther, our NEWSTART ® - doctor will advise you.



All prices in Euro per Person
including Treatment
Single Room Double (Couple) Single Room Comfort Double Comfort (Couple)
04.02. - 23.02.18 2090.00 € 1730.00 € 2270.00 € 1810.00 €
22.04. - 11.05.18 2190.00 € 1780.00 € 2300.00 € 1860.00 €
24.06. - 13.07.18 2260.00 € 1860.00 € 2420.00 € 1940.00 €
19.08. - 07.09.18 2260.00 € 1860.00 € 2424.00 € 1940.00 €
07.10. - 26.10.18 2090.00 € 1730.00 € 2270.00 € 1810.00 €

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