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NEWSTART ® - revive rather than survive!

Are you sometimes longing for times past, when "everything was in balance"?

Are you concerned, when you think about topics like physical health, emotional balance and mental performance?
You have more possibilities to make a positive difference to your health than you may be aware of! Regardless if you want to prevent diseases effectively or if you are looking for ways to naturally cure diseases, "Landhaus DIE ARCHE" is the right place for you.

Let us show you how: Take a NEWSTART® treatment under medical supervision, a break that you need!

NEWSTART ® is known as a program especially for treating the well-known causes of illness and suffering through an optimization of ones personal life style. We are concentrating on a natural lifestyle, accompanied by trusted natural remedies that speed up the healing process. For the realization of these vitalizing principles we take our time with you individually.

Discover or re-discover your health and vitality with new sources of life including:

     natural remedies
     wholesome nutrition
     regular exercise
     Stress management, optimal mental performance and deep inner calm.
     a trusting attitude

Use your chance for a successful restart - with NEWSTART®!

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Diabetes besiegen!
Typ 2 Diabetes kann durch Lebensstil-Medizin geheilt oder gestoppt werden. In unserem Kur-Seminar erleben Sie dies und lernen wie Sie zu Hause erfolgreich Ihre Gesundheit wiedererlangen können. Nächster Termin: 10.02. - 01.03.19

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