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Our Philosophy: Take a look (into our soul) ...

As a health conscious guest you will appreciate the personal and life-affirming atmosphere in our institution. Far from the stress of everyday life, we would like to provide a vacation experience unlike any other. Real recovery often takes more than a change of scenery.

The idyllic natural surroundings, the natural charm of our country retreat, the organic, vegetarian whole food cuisine, a warm and competent team with a Christian background, and - if you wish - the wellness and fitness services are designed to provide the framework for a holistic vacation experience.

In harmony with true health-promotion, it is our particular concern to provide an alcohol-, caffeine-and nicotine-free environment in the house.

"Your house exudes peace," our guests sometimes tell us. If this is also your experience, one of the wishes we have for your stay has come true.

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Diabetes besiegen!
Typ 2 Diabetes kann durch Lebensstil-Medizin geheilt oder gestoppt werden. In unserem Kur-Seminar erleben Sie dies und lernen wie Sie zu Hause erfolgreich Ihre Gesundheit wiedererlangen können. Nächster Termin: 10.02. - 01.03.19

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