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Picture book of nature

In the middle of the Mecklenburg Lake District and surrounded by fields, woods and lakes, lies the Hotel Landhaus DIE ARCHE, an ideal starting point/ setting for all lovers of nature. Discover hidden pathways, and if you have a bit of time, you will see, touch, hear and smell nature to its fullest.

The nature of Mecklenburg Vorpommern is being referred to as Europe's "largest national park." With 1945 kilometers of beach and cliffs and 2036 lakes, it is a country where beavers and eagles are at home, storks and cranes build their nests. The best conditions to offer nature lovers in the three biosphere reserves, seven nature parks, protected areas experiencing nearly 300 to 140 large-scale protected areas to native birds and animals in the Domestic natural environment.

THE ARK is also in such a protected area, so that the rest of the fields and woods literally "hear". Allowed to ride the big dreamy Pätschsee with its clear water, a forest lake on motorboats and no one can on a picturesque little forest path directly on the banks completely go around on foot, ten-minute walk away, waiting to be explored. In Pätschsee it can also be a nice swim!

In the area there are numerous other hiking, biking and riding trails. Highly recommended is particularly close to the Müritz National Park with its trails and information centers.

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Bis zum 04.02.2018 hat das Landhaus DIE ARCHE Betriebsferien. Unsere Rezeption erreichen Sie natürlich weiterhin per Email oder Telefon. WIr freuen uns auf Ihre Anfrage!

Mit wirkungsvoller Lebensstilmedizin Erkrankungen heilen! Effektive natürliche Heilmittel und gesunder Lebensstil zur Vorbeugung und Therapie von Diabetes Typ II, Artheriosklerose, Hohem Blutdruck und vielen weiteren Erkrankungen:
04. bis 23.02.18

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