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Reversing Diabetes with NEWSTART®

Reversing Diabetes is possible!
This 19-day diabetes-lifestyle-program at the diabetes center Landhaus DIE ARCHE offers a natural way to start a reversal of your diabetes Type II condition. Diabetes is no fate that should be easily accepted by you - healing is possible. By applying a healthy NEWSTART- lifestyle and natural treatments many people have already experienced continuing good blood sugar levels and a drastic reduction of their diabetes medication!

Learn about the impressive impact of a healthy lifestyle and natural treatment on adult-onset diabetes: achieving or moving toward normal blood sugar levels, often within 19 days! A medical team of doctors, physiotherapists, massage therapists and health consultants will support you closely throughout your stay. We will guide you personally step by step to give you a new start to a healthy life.
Already after a few days you will experience amazing changes - your body starts on a journey of regeneration and towards regained health. For some of our patients it was hard to believe that there is a way out, but now they are convinced that Type 2 diabetes is reversible!

What you can expect during your NEWSTART ® diabetes session ...

Accommodation in comfortable surroundings and friendly atmosphere.
A detailed medical record interview (anamnesis) with a thorough physical examination, including polyneuropathy status.
Extensive laboratory work, resting ECG, and treadmill-test for the detection of neurological  and/or cardiovasular diabetic complications.
Regular and comprehensive medical doctors visits.
Diabetes counseling e.g. on the following topics:
        What is Diabetes? What are the causes, what the symptoms of diabetic complications?
        Effective prevention of nerve and cardiovascular damage in diabetic patients
        What do I  do with my diabetes?  Is healing without medication (pills, insulin) possible?
        Healing diet for diabetics
        What is the significance of zinc, cinnamon and Co?
        Prevention of long term damages
        Tackling Obesity: Healthy and permanent weight loss strategies
Practical hands-on cooking classes
personal counseling / stress management
Extensive treatment to reverse diabetes with trustworthy natural remedies: your doctor will prescribe as needed out of the following:
        hydrotherapy (Kneipp, part baths, showers, contrast baths)
        Phytotherapy (herbal preparations, not be confused with homeopathy)
        Massages (e.g. classic massage, lymphatic drainage)
        Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy
        Muscle build up
        Back strengthening exercises
        Interval training
        Outdoor Exercise in nature: Walking, Nordic Walking,
        Water aerobics in the spa
        Perineal gymnastics
        Giger MD ® Therapy
        Sauna, steam bath
        Colon Hydrotherapy
        Treadmill training
    Excursions into the beautiful landscape and nature of the Mecklenburg Lake District.

In addition to the diabetes mellitus, we also treat your secondary disorders, such as:

    High blood pressure
    Heart problems, such as
    Angina pectoris, arteriosclerosis
    elevated blood fat levels
    back pain

 if you suffer from stress and the constant overload of everyday life, you, too, will find this NEWSTART-lifestyle session an excellent opportunity of much needed rest and relaxation, time in which you can refocus your life. Take time for a new start to a healthier and happier life.

One of the unique features of NEWSTART ® treatment in the Diabetes Center "Landhaus DIE ARCHE" is the personal time and attention each patient receives from the doctor and the medical team. Your doctor meets with you on a regular basis accompanying your stay. In addition to the health lectures you will have opportunity to discuss personal health issues and set goals for the restoration of your health and wellbeing. Your personal lifestyle- counselor will also be happy to take the time to listen, to share and to offer practical, natural treatments where needed.

If you would like more information on our diabetes-program ...

You have questions about our NEWSTART ® lifestyle sessions? Call our Hotline 0049-39924 7000, email or write to us. Gunther Hanke, our NEWSTART ® - doctor, will be happy to talk to you.

For a series of personal experiences of our former guest visit the page "NEWSTART Erfahrungsberichte".

You have a hard time imagining that diabetes is curable? Perhaps you are interested in the results of a scientific study on the treatment of diabetes using diet.
Recently, Prof. Dr. Martin Hall confirmed in an article on "Diabetes Type 2: Movement on prescription" our own long term experience with an appropriate exercise program: "Not infrequently there can be completely dispensed with the anti-diabetic medicine." (UGB Forum, issued April, 2012), but he also warns: "Before diabetes patients are started on sporting activities, they should see their doctor for a medical, diabetologic and cardiological examination," These tests are standard at any NEWSTART session for diabetes here at Landhaus DIE ARCHE .

alle Preise pro Person inklusive Seminargebühren

All prices in Euro per Person
including Treatment
Single Room Double (Couple) Single Room Comfort Double Comfort (Couple)
04.02. - 23.02.18 2090.00 € 1730.00 € 2270.00 € 1810.00 €
22.04. - 11.05.18 2190.00 € 1780.00 € 2300.00 € 1860.00 €
24.06. - 13.07.18 2260.00 € 1860.00 € 2420.00 € 1.810,00 €
19.08. - 07.09.18 2260.00 € 1860.00 € 2420.00 € 1940.00 €
07.10. - 26.10.18 2090.00 € 1730.00 € 2270.00 € 1810.00 €


*  "To cure diabetes mellitus type II," we mean the following process:

     The optimization of glycemic control to prevent long-term damage to values that donot differ significantly from the values of a healthy blood sugar, and
     working towards a reduction of medication as part of a systematic change in lifestyle and use of approved natural remedies. In many cases, the total elimination of drugs is possible.

Type 1 diabetes mellitus: not only concerned with type II diabetes, type 1 diabetes also benefits significantly from the NEWSTART® treatment, which is conducted in the Diabetes Centre Country House THE ARK. Above all, in most cases, a stabilization and improvement of blood sugar levels and the avoidance of late effects / complications are achieved. A complete renunciation of the use of insulin is usually not achieved.

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